8 May 2012

On Brand Loyalty

Been quiet around here. With Dope City's team bounced from the play-offs it is as if hockey, an alleged obsession, has ceased to exist. We are not hockey obsessed in this town - we are brand obsessed - the Canuck brand to be precise.

Now our brand has been pulled from the shelves we do not want to buy any hockey. It is a truly obsessive brand loyalty. One I have no deep understanding of. Some motherfuckers say sports brands bring out our tribal instincts. Make us behave like the backward unenlightened (mostly Muslem loon) societies of our world.

I have my favourite brands of beer but I buy no beer to the exclusion of others and if I did and I could no longer buy my favourite beer because it was pulled from the shelves I would buy another and possibly even enjoy it more than the beer I was in the habit of buying. If I had to I would even buy American beer. A few people are doing just that - cheering for teams from other cities, American cities, if half-heartedly. They are my kind of people, the enlightened hockey fan. We just want to watch hockey and drink beer - Fuck the Canucks!

It is not us enlightened hockey fans who cause riots or go home and beat our fucking wives like a Pakistani warlord when their team loses. It is the brand loyal, the fucking brainwashed, who go for that shit.

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kootcoot said...

Rooting for the Kings, cuz their goalie is really Quick! But then I like Ovie too, and I really love the fact the Devils did away with the effing Flyers.

I still think one of the greatest moments in hockey was when Bobby Nystrom scored in overtime in Game 7 for the Islanders to end the reign of the Broad Street Bullies and begin the run of Bossy, Trottier, Gilles, Mean Billy and the rest of the Islanders. I was sitting in a bar on Robson Street far from home but happy as hell...........