7 April 2012

Unconverted Beer

We had gone for our walk and been to the pub. I felt fine. Always feel fine after a couple.

I was driving down the highway. Dog in the back looking over my shoulder for trouble.

She saw it first. I saw it a little later than I prefer to spot trouble. Braked, swerved, fucking near screeched to a stop before I saw what form trouble had taken this Good Fucking Friday.

Christian Loons on a road off to the side of the highway. They were waving signs warning those of us they were trying kill on the highway with their distracting behaviour that The End was on its motherfucking way and we better start thinking about saving ourselves from the Devil. One asshole was dragging a monstrous cross. It is a spectacle I witness just about every Easter weekend.

Let's just they failed to convert me.

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