6 April 2012


The motherfuckers at Google would like me to "imagine being able to share your blog with like-minded people across the web." I had not really thought of it as such but I guess I am sharing what I write with you and the Dope City Free Press is proud, after all, to think of itself as the venereal disease of the great big noisy unprotected fuck we call the Internet.

I am pretty sure most all of you would prefer to think of yourself as anything but being like-minded as old Beer. I read all kinds of shit on the Internet but I have never read anything like-minded as me except for William Godwin, who I first became acquainted with in a book, a man all but forgotten to a world so beholden to one authouritarian philosophy or another that hardly anybody has a fucking clue about what the word Anarchy means.

It does not mean making voting mandatory by the way.

There is no such thing as like-mindedness. We are all shining crazy diamonds.

Let's keep it that way.

Google motherfuckers.


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