23 April 2012

Pizza and Froot Loops

This morning I had pizza and Froot Loops for breakfast. Lots of coffee. A couple of painkillers. Needed it after last night's festivities at my mom and Reggie's place. My mom is pretty much recovered from her winter run in with the alligator. Us Hockeys have remarkable recuperative powers. It has to be the fucking booze. "The next time I poke an alligator it will be on my plate and I will be poking it with a fork instead of a stick."

My mom was back in charge of her kitchen with Reggie's able assistance. Steak, lasagna, garlic bread, salad and chocolate macaroons from Safeway for dessert. "Next time I see you I will be back to my baking too," my mom promised.

Most of Reggie's assistance came behind the bar. Beer, martinis, scotch, wine and drambuie with the macaroons. Reggie never asks if you want another one, he feeds booze to his guests like a little kid feeds fish in an aquarium. I almost was not able to drive home. Followed an RCMP down a back road most of the way home. He appeared to be weaving a little.

The wine was a 2005 Fetish from Garry Oaks on Saltspring. Had some a couple years back. If memory serves the extra couple years resting in the bottle did it some good. And I thought all the motherfucking hippie Wiccans over there were good for was growing dope.


Bill said...

Geez Beer

Sounds like another "not much - just took it easy" weekend for you and family. A visit with your mom and superhost Reggie, avoided run ins with snapping alligators and weaving cops, stayed in for pizza and hopefully the Hammer took you for a walk or two.

That's probably when you coined the "feeds booze to his guests like a little kid feeds fish in an aquarium". The Hammer has got to keep taking you for your walks.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Walking the dog on the weekend is not half as good for the imagination as fucking the dog during the week. The aquarium imagery would have to be courtesy of a couple long dead relatives of mine. They were the only people I ever knew who kept fish alive in an aquarium for any length of time. Could be their fish care lessons have indirectly helped me be a better dog owner and maybe even a better human being too.