23 April 2012

Blue Cheese Moon of British Columbia

Governments, all governments, are motherfucking liars. If that does not make immediate sense to you after how many years of experience you have had being lied to by governments go read, or re-read George Orwell's 1984.

So when whatever fucking government it was that said they would set aside perfectly loggable land for Japanese tourists to take pictures of and all the other values forests have that the forest industry finds laughable I laughed my fucking head off. By set aside, they meant set aside for later, suckers.

To reiterate - the earth is not flat, the moon is not made of cheese, there is no God, the government lies and the Canucks will never win the Stanley Cup.

If we do not always start with truthful assumptions our answers will forever be wrong. That is why we create social policy, of which logging policy is a part, the way a man who does not believe in gravity builds tall buildings.


nomore said...

"1984" is good but pigs at the trough such as current governments are portrayed beautifully in "animal farm"!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Perhaps because I was forced to read "Animal Farm" in school, and write a fucking report on it, I have never given it one re-reading whereas "1984", read freely, I have returned to again and again.