29 April 2012

Let There Be Light

There was light, dim light, in the room as I opened my eyes. To one side of me Sonja was dreaming she was in the final handful of contestants on American Idol. On the other side of me the Hammer sat there with her get the fuck up, feed me and let's get fucking going drooly grin on her face. I reached out and petted her on the head. She reached out and scraped her big paw down the length of my arm, not quite drawing blood.

Like most of my Saturday mornings since I discovered the pleasure liquor delivers I went over what I could remember of Friday night. Sonja and I were at the local standardbred track again. I had drank some beer. That was it. I reached over to the nightstand, grabbed my wallet and looked inside. I smiled. Looks like the assholes who see no advantage in mixing liquor and gambling had been proven wrong once again.

I made coffee and got dressed. Once I had a cup and took a sawmill worker's Saturday morning beer shit I poured another to go and took my dog for a car ride into the grey, dry morning. It was quiet by the river. A couple fish jumped and a dog, all by itself, appeared on the opposite bank. The Hammer and the other dog looked at one another. Looked like they were using their silent canine language to dare one another to swim across and play. Neither dog was that dumb.

From the river I drove to a small cafe to eat. There were two men sitting near me I had never seen before. They were members of some sort of motherfucking biker church. Assholes did their best to fuck up my morning with their evangelical Baptist bullshit. Which they were doing until one of them said, "Our church may seem small but our forty members puts us in the top 15% of Baptist congregations in the country."

All they want is your mind, your Freedom and your money - preferably in large denominations. Fuck them. Just like Jesus, I would rather ride with the old speed during the day, acid at night crowd.

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