30 April 2012

The Land of Beer and Honey

Never had much of a dreamlife until the last year or so. I am a Canadian, born here a long fucking time ago when my country was the land of beer and honey, no pressing need for a dream life - I was born into one.

Last night I dreamed I took the bus to an appointment on Lulu Island. It was at a credit union. It may have been a job interview. This was not a dream - it was a motherfucking nightmare. I was carrying a folder filled with papers. It was not raining.

I wonder if it ever rains in my dreams.

After announcing my arrival I was told to take a seat and wait to see whoever the fuck it was I was to see that day. I waited and waited. Eventually, bored, I began chatting with some people I did not know. They were waiting to see other people. We were talking about horses. One of them left, going back to a nearby desk jockey operation she worked at, before returning, me still patiently waiting, to have this to say to me.

"I am the human affairs manager for the business across the street," she said, motioning towards a big windowed sparkly building I could see from where we sat. "Would you like to work with us?"

I love the unexpected in life. This was one of those Pearl Harbour moments. I thought about the offer for a moment before responding.

"You won't make me wait for a fucking hour before we sort out how much I am going to be paid, what you want me to do and all that?"

She shook her head and told me, "No."

I woke up shortly thereafter. Us sawmill workers, who work just about exclusively with men, are always dreaming about working with women.


Anonymous said...

Best cartoon I've seen in a long time!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I thought it captured the absurdity of many a job interview pretty nicely myself.

sassy said...

Yes, the cartoon is spot on :)