26 March 2012

Zombie Kings of Canada

I have always thought the most important thing to do was think for yourself. I am not certain why I came to that conclusion. I think it was because when I was a little boy going to church I got the feeling I was in the same building as a bunch of motherfucking zombies. The living dead have long been attracted to weekly meetings. They were not just your average zombies either. They were Albertan zombies. The zombie kings of Canada.

Here is how Hunter Thompson put it in a letter to a man who was considering joining the Hells Angels in 1968. "Play your own game, be your own man, and don't ask anybody for a stamp of approval."

I am not sure if that explains the Anne Murray thing. It does, however, explain why I watched the NDP leadership convention with waning interest but did not give my stamp of approval to any of the candidates even though I was asked to do so. Everybody knew who was going to win going in. The French motherfucker. Or should I say the Frenchest.

Good luck to him and good luck to us.

1 comment:

Kim said...

Good luck indeed. I have a sinking feeling we will need it.