13 March 2012

Terminal Station Blues

I like blues records but I am not what you would call a blues guy. Sometimes, however, nothing fucking else will do. Since I am not a blues guy I do not follow the Dope City blues scene. If I had not met Jim Byrnes, seen him sing an anthem or two at Nat Bailey and caught his live act once I would not have even recognized the motherfucker when he sang the anthem before the Canucks' game a few nights ago and he would be the only bluesman in town I could name.

Just the same my ear for music works just about as good for the blues as any other genre. Picked up a used copy of Terminal Station's "Burnout Blues." From 2005. I love it. Love it back to front. Turns out they made another record and released it two years ago. Called "Rolling All Night." I have to find it now. Judging by the currentness of their web page the boys may have packed it in.

Sorry I missed you if that is the case, motherfuckers. Sorry I missed your burnout motherfucking blues.  

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uniplmr1 said...

Hey, that's good.