27 February 2012

White Line Beaver

Picked up Lemmy's autobiography "White Line Fever" yesterday. Ought to have read it ten years ago when it first was printed. Read over a hundred pages of it. Have not done that with a book for a while. Brought to tears with laughter quite a number of times I was. If you have no interest in sex, drugs or rock 'n' roll save your money. If you do, next time you are near a book shop wander in and order yourself a copy. It will brighten your day like birthday candles on a cake shaped like a beaver iced with amphetamine.


Jymn said...

If it's as good as the DVD "Lemmy", a great read indeed.


Former Canucks fan (Bye, Cody)

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Finished it in two days. 289 pages.

The present Canucks management have never gotten behind Hodgson. Go figure.