3 February 2012

Where You Can Put Groundhog Day

Another year,
Another motherfucking
Groundhog Day.

Who are the
Who come up
With this shit?

If the workers of the world
Do not get a day off because
Of your whatever the fuck you
Want to call your day you can

Take your day and
Stick it up your ass.


Some Chilean Woman said...

Hello! When I saw that on the news today I actually thought the same. What a bunch of shit. Great post, made me laugh.

mollymew said...

An Extra Day Off

Reminds me of one year when both the Premier of the Province and I were down at the Irish Club celebrating St. Patrick's day. The Premier was, of course, surrounded by his goons, but being a founding member of the Drunk Ninja Society I ghosted through the defence and came face to face with the bugger.

My purpose...to bother, bitch and harangue him about how March 17th should become a public holiday. In the spirit of intoxication the Premier thought it was a really good idea. Too bad it didn't stick through the hangover.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The only saint with the slightest possibility of a politician granting us a day off to honour is Saint Fuck You Good.