7 February 2012

On Paper

Couple more teenagers died driving around like assholes on the weekend. I fail to see why such incidents make the news. About as newsworthy as a cat getting run over if you ask me.

Of course the fucking government makes as much hay out of the teenage death as they can. Some bullshit about their graduated licensing programme being such a huge success. Apparently there have been 65% less teenagers killed in high speed crashes since the introduction of the programme. Probably because teenagers, frustrated at how difficult it is to get their driving license, would rather stay home and overdose on ecstasy instead.

I have always said, if you are going to have a fucking law, no one under the age of 28 or so should be allowed to drive anything with more than two wheels. That would weed out quite a few crazy fuckers who would go on to kill more people than themselves once they get old enough to drive and limit the number of people they would be likely to kill besides themselves while they are young. Motorcycles are the most unforgiving and honest teachers on Earth.

Allowing 16 year olds to drive around in cars is chaos, something the fucking government is supposed to disapprove of, on paper. The government permits 16 year olds to drive because there is a cultural expectation that they do so. Auto makers and the ethical oil motherfuckers might also get a little touchy if this cultural expectation were to be challenged. We are, to put it bluntly as fuck, the killers.

Fuck the graduated licensing programme. Fuck the cultural expectation that encourages children to drive cars. I do not want any part of teenager killing. There has got to be a better way.

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