16 February 2012

Defibrillators Save Lives

Got to talking with someone I had seen around the gym for years but never talked to before. He and I are two of the freaks who work out without digital music blasting our fucking brains out. He had heard about one of our gym's defibrillators saving somebody's ass. We agreed the defibrillators were amazing fucking machines. They are now affordable enough that no work place should be without one. One of the greatest inventions of our time.

The fucking government, defining glacial slowness as usual, have yet to make defibrillators mandatory in all workplaces. CPR is good for motherfuck all.

Businesses, defining not giving shit, are not lining up to provide defibrillators to their first aid help.

This lack of leadership from both government and business pretty much sums up why I am an Anarchist. I am no fan of inaction or not giving a shit.

Hearing about over 300 prisoners dying in a prison fire in Honduras does not exactly squeeze a bellows on the smokeless fire that represents my feelings towards the Stanley Park petting zoo goat fuck of government and business either.


Anonymous said...

Defibulation is a great tool, CPR can keep organs patent for transplant but rarely and I mean rarely starts a stopped heart.

WorkSafe BC could mandate it but they are pussies and government sycophants. So it won't be mandated by those cunts any time soon.

However (in simple speak) all hazards must be assessed by the employer in the workplace...so...if there is a risk of 'heart attack' a Joint H&S Committee can recommend it be implemented as a regulated program. If it doesn't then come to pass, there is a procedure for the committee to ask the pussies in Richmond for a ruling. The union can write a letter to the committee making the request, that will help avoid any unpleasantness so to speak for a concerned individual.

Hope that helps Beer, as for Honduras what a crying shame and enormous tragedy, I was shocked when I heard. Good of you to bring it up.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Sounds like 'anonymous' what they are talking about, doesn't it? Today's workplaces, just about any fucking workplace, is jampacked with diabetics (both diagnosed and not yet diagnosed), the obese, the fucking lazy, the overworked, the just plain old, the addicted to cigarettes and every other drug you can think of and various other walking time bombs all ought to have defibrillators available for emergency use. My gym had them installed maybe a couple years ago. Saving just one life is benefit enough in my cost/benefit analysis.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It is quite the competition between the many provincial government arms as to which of them is a bigger Stanley Park goat fuck. Last I checked Worksafe is still near the top of the standings.