15 February 2012

Buddy Guy Valentine's

Made up Sonja something she really likes last night and put it in the fridge. Put it in the oven right now. That will give her time to get a little wined up before she eats.

Stopped at London Drugs on the way home. Were more cards left to pick over than usual, late afternoon Valentine's Day. Found one especially fitting to the occasion and our deep blue sea of motherfucking love. Sparkly!

Card in hand I made my way to the chocolate section where I found some good organic vegan chocolate. I really ought to try my hand at chocolate making. That is one thing I never tried making from scratch.

Two down one to go. I walked over to to what remains of the London Drugs music department. It is small but they still carry some good titles. Bought her Buddy Guy's new record.

That is about as invested as I can get into a Hallmark holiday.

Came home and walked the dog in the brilliant sunshine. Opened myself up a tall can of Strongbow once I was back home again. Not as good as draught cider but not bad. For some reason it reminded me that roller derby is right around the corner.     


Kim said...

Way to go Beer, on the effort. That's a sweet valentine for your lady. What did you get? Strongbow's pretty good, nice and dry and fruity, not too sweet. Happy Vday to you's both.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I got a card too and Luther Wright and the Wrongs' bluegrass take on Pink Floyd's "The Wall." Sonja had remembered how much I liked hearing it quite some time ago, saw it someplace, thought of her Valentine and bought it for me. Instant treasure. I'd forgotten how much I wanted to add it to my music collection. Music is the gift that keeps on giving.