17 December 2011

No Money Back

After Sonja had enough Jimi and I stayed up drinking with several Dope City gangsters last night. There are two such groups in our hotel. Does not seem to be any animosity between them but they do not socialize with one another.

They are young. Much younger than Jimi and I. They drop names. Names you have seen in the news.

Jimi and I do not drop names. We are old school motherfuckers. Fuck the names.

We drink and drink.

We will be having breakfast shortly and begin drinking again. Several hours later the gangsters will make their way down to the pool, look over at us blearily, and wonder how we do it.

We do not know how we do it ourselves. We just do it. We do it like Christopher Hitchens. Then we die. No remorse, no regrets, no money back guarantee. 


RossK said...

I suspect you do it without smoking.

And I'm talking about the real Devil's weed of Sir Walter Raleigh, here.

Because that, together with the booze I reckon, is likely what got Hitchens.

The two, especially together, are hell on the esophagus.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Coupling cigarette usage with any drug, legal or illegal, can be riskier than banging the drums with DOA. These days I do not know how anybody can afford to both drink and smoke too much tobacco.

RossK said...

Now that you mention it, Hitchens probably could have played drums with DOA if he'd only been on the right side of the right continent at the right time.


Jymn Parrett said...

I've been drinking since I was 16 and I'm still here. Sometimes I wonder how. I guess it's not smoking tobacco that's saved me. That and hearty genes.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Jymn - It may have been waiting until you became 16 before you started drinking that has saved you thus far.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Hitchens must have been just about the same age and had a similar outlook on life as DOA's old manager Lester.