27 December 2011

Let Freedom Rain

Please welcome our newest Fellow Motherfucker, Let Freedom Rain. Proprietor Jymn keeps on writing comments to the Dope City Free Press, now in its seventh year, so I figured he was a good fit. He is a real Dope City fucker, unlike me who lives in a safer part of our riotous region. Go read his shit when you are not watching fucking hockey on your huge television.


Jymn said...

Whoa! Been away from Dope City for a few days and what do I find upon my return? An honour. Much obliged, amigo. Will hoist a pint for a Dope City brother tonight.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

I am slow to add new links and loathe to add too many to my sidebar because I do not stick links into what I write. Figure there is a better chance people who stop by might check them out if there are not too many. That said I really ought to add the Everest webcam, from which I located the above photo, and "a LIFE IN HELsinki", which has a couple of the best Father Christmas videos I have ever seen recently posted.