28 November 2011

Yet Another Grey Cup Aftermath

OK, so the Grey Cup was a little dull. Everybody was thinking the same thing before the first quarter was over. It was Jimi who blasphemed first. "I don't know how you cocksuckers can watch this amateur shit," he said as he produced a big bottle of absinthe.

"Fuck you traitor boy," Henrik shot back at him. "And keep that green shit away from me."

Legs, noticeably, and probably a few other guys had already turned a little green at the mere sight of the green bitch. I had already been drinking tequila since the pre-game show began almost fours ago. One of the pre-game hosts had actually predicted a Bomber win. Asshole had clearly been concussed several times too often as a player.

Jimi poured us a shot. No sugar water French bullshit for us. Before long the bottle was gone as Bomber hope. Turns out tequila (I was drinking it with club soda) and absinthe (shoot it back, motherfuckers) go together just fine.


Anonymous said...

Bet you have a sore one today motherfucker! LOL ; )

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Sore is not the word and when I looked behind me in the sawmill shitter this morning I learned I had drank enough absinthe to make me shit Rider green.

Jymn Parrett said...

How could the Grey Cup be anything but a disappointment after the geezer main bout and the Vanier Cup thrilla two days before? Besides even Vincent, were he alive today, would tell you that green shit the young kids drink today is just pussy juice compared to the lysergic shit he used to fuck up his brain back in the day. Roar Lions roar.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Some proper absinthe would be a treat. The Swiss do not export that unfortunately, they make you come there and get it. British Columbia ought to have developed a good strong drink infused with our potent marijuana by now. We could call it Stanley Cup Riot Juice.

Mick said...

You be careful there young traveller