28 November 2011


Us Canadians do shit that is anti-Canadian just like people of every other nationality do. The most popular anti-Canadian expression is shopping in the USA. Fucking assholes who do that should all be squished to the thickness of a loonie, frozen, and then skated on by Todd Bertuzzi.

I try and stay away from anti-Canadian activities myself but sometimes I cannot help myself. I buy booze made outside my country's borders. Beer, cider, whisky and wine mostly.

Sonja is only anti-Canadian once per year. Today. Grey Cup Sunday. I tried to get her to watch the game with me today. Not a chance. If there were a few sexy Swedes that played football, like they play hockey, she might. "I'm not watching football," she told me today. "You go out with your bumhole football buddies and have fun without me and don't come home expecting anything either. Every time you watch a bunch of grown men spending three and a half hours tackling one another you come home thinking today is your lucky day. Fuck that. Get one of your football buddies to do you before you come home!"


Kim said...

Looks like you're not gettin' any today! I agree with her though, I think football is gay, and there's probably more then a few women who get the boots put to them after a big game.

I don't cross border shop either, it is unCanadian.

Anonymous said...

Easton Ultra Kevlar hockey stick, $159.95 @ Can. Tire before taxes.

Easton Ultra Kevlar hockey stick online in USA, $99.00 no tax, $15.00 shipping.

Easton Ultra Kevlar hockey stick, made in Fuc King China for f***k's sake!