8 November 2011

Old Politics, New Politics

Too late now by the looks of it but here is how I think Dope City's Occupation ought to be brought down. The community that helped the installation begin should volunteer to help bring it down and clean it up in a general assembly. Probably would have to stack the meeting to pull that off though and I mean really stack it, such, it would appear, is but one limitation of consensual democracy that I have learned in the last month. You think it is hard turning around a union that has made a wrong turn by getting 50% + 1 of the vote in an election? You think it is hard to turn around the oil tanker that is our democracy by forming a plurality at the ballot box? Try turning that same oil tanker around when you need a 95% majority to do so.

Just an observation.

I do not get the stick it out until the cops and the city do the work. That is not new politics, it is old politics.

I might have some more to say on the subject of the Occupation politics I have been part of, in a small way, and been witness to, in a way that I am not sure was big or small, but I am going to let what I may have learned rattle around the old bucket for a spell before I do so.

Except for this: I hope the hot heroin that made its way into the Occupation did not come from where I think it may have came from.


Anonymous said...

Smart post! Once the clubs come out, the message will be lost. If only they would realize their 'stand' will stand for defeat instead of creating a new precident for a new future.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Hope you still think so after I drew out my original thought. I doubt clubs of any sort will be necessary. The city workers and the police know just about everybody down there on a first name basis.