22 November 2011

Grey Cup Prediction

As of this morning the British Columbia Lions are favoured by seven points to kick the Winnipeg Blue Bombers' ass in Sunday's Grey Cup. The same Winnipeg Blue Bombers who twice kicked the Lion's ass during the regular season.

(I know most of you foreigners, who do not smoke dope, who read this, must wonder where the fuck British Columbia is. We are the people who riot two out of every three times our hockey team loses the Stanley Cup Final, not counting the Vancouver Millionaire losses (and one win!) in the early decades of the last century, long before television and other anti-social media made rioting fashionable. Winnipeg is located on the southern tip of the Manitoba Polar Bear Reserve. No one knows if Winnipeggers will riot if they ever get to lose the Stanley Cup Final. We do, however, have our suspicions.)

I am cheering for the Lions. A man has to have one home team to cheer for. Used to watch them practice with Strangler back when I lived near their training facility in deepest, darkest Sliverville. In those days there were few people who could pound Bud like me. Those few people were all B.C. Lions. But my money is on the Bombers beating that seven point spread. Would not surprise me to see the Bombers win the game outright. Their success will depend on one thing: beating quarterback Travis Lulay within an inch of his life. Something they are more than capable of.

I am also going to go out on limb and predict a perilously drunk Calgary Stampeder fan will ride a horse through the remnants of Occupy Vancouver before Grey Cup Week is over.


kootcoot said...

Mr. Beer, I don't know if you will remember this, but I try to repress it. One year (sometime in the eighties) I was visiting friends and relatives in Eugene, Oregon for US Turkey Time and Football extravaganza four day weekend - or maybe I was working down there for awhile, when there was no work here.

Anyway I had to plead with my friends, with so many games to choose from to watch the Lions host the Argos in the then fairly new dome for the Grey Cup. After the first half it was 17-0 for the Lions. After halftime, TO put in a new quarterback, Conredge Holloway, at the end of the game the score was Toronto 18 - BC Lions 17 (still). I wished I had let my friends prevail and watched an NFL game instead, it hurt my brain.........

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

You ought to be the highest priced, most powerful lobbyist in Canada. Anybody who can keep an American away from his Sunday football, even to watch the Grey Cup, has a real way with people if you did it without a shotgun.

Joe said...

That would be the 71st Grey Cup; November 27, 1983. The first Grey Cup game played in B.C. Place.

Interesting that the only time BC has played Winterpeg in the Grey Cup was 1988. Winterpeg won that one 22-21. A similar score this year would be just great. Go Winterpeg.

Anonymous said...

You know someone had to say it Beer;

"You can't smoke our Bombers"
source: Blue Bomber Gotchmen

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

We'll find out on Sunday. On the other hand, as Crazy George might have chanted, "The Bombers will never lick our Pussies!"