14 November 2011

Down Home Hammer

With the Lions not playing until next Sunday I thought today might be a good day for gambling. First things first though. Got some pasta e fagioli sauce going in the slow cooker. Put the bread maker to work on a loaf of multi-grain. The grain I add to my multi-grain recipe that you may not is hemp seeds.

Must be the George Harrison in me that likes hemp seeds in everything.

Once that and a couple other small chores were taken care of I then took the Hammer for a walk in the cool mountain air. She was wondering when I was going to get around to that this long weekend. It was only three degrees, which she likes, but the temperature got me thinking about whether or not, and how often, the Chaos we call snow will invade this warmest corner of Canada. I could not make up my mind. The November 11th snows that were the first of note for the southern interior is about normal and therefore of no help to the weatherman all of us Canadians think we are.

I got all that done because the first race at Loverdale Raceway is now at 1:45 which is handy for us horse racing fans who have a life besides our all important gambling. Lost my confident touch with the game in late summer and have been staying away from the track trying to get it back. When winning turns to losing I return to my books which generally remind me of where it is I have gone wrong.

Hit a couple in the 5-1 range and a couple favourites leaving me with enough of the crowd's cash to make an optimistic bet on Down Home Hammer in the final race of the day. Put him on top of a couple exotic bets as well. About time I bet that horse on one of his winning days. Made a bit of a scene as the horses crossed the finish line in my preferred order. I do not crush as many races as I should but I sure crushed that motherfucker.

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