20 November 2011

The Beer Vote

Yes, I voted today. My city cannot imprison me, send to me to war or otherwise fuck me around all that much. It is true my city pays for the police but the police derive their power from higher powers than my city has and will continue to have until it declares itself an independent nation, something that appears to be on its out of date radar by the way.

There was a big sign on my polling station's front door warning me there was NO EATING permitted inside. A further couple steps inside there was another bigger sign, in case I was not very obversant, again warning me you cannot vote and eat and the same time. Made me wish I had brought a couple hash brownies with me to sneak into my pie hole in the privacy of my voting booth.

All I had was my flask. No fucking big lettered sign about that. After I had signed in and chatted, as is my way, with the polling clerks and sat down behind the cardboard privacy screen I reached for the cold stainless steel in my jacket pocket, unscrewed the lid and drained it of the half of its overproof contents I had not drank during my walk to the poll.

I was ready to vote and every bit as prepared to do so as most people.

Voted for the kid who ran for mayor, the rest of them are shits, the kid had style; voted for one alderman who is a stand up guy who works with fucked up kids; voted for one school trustee because he was the only name I could remember from the list of names somebody from my union phoned me about; voted to stick the P3 water project up the outgoing council's ass.

None of the first three have a hope in Hell. Not sure about the water project. My town has long been dominated, voting wise and otherwise, by people who say, "How far?" when anybody with the least bit of authourity asks them to bend over but they are real quiet about it. Have not heard one person say anything good about the P3 except for elected officials and their hired hands but the same was true for the HST vote and 55% of my fellow citizens kissed Gordon Campbell's ass good-bye with a YES vote.

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Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The P3 was voted down by 3/4 of voters. Nice to be on the winning side of a referendum again; we have a new mayor who would have to make one fuck of an effort to be worse than the old one; council votes got spread out very widely but not widely enough to vote out as many councillors as I would have liked; and, surprise, surprise the only school trustee I voted for snuck into the final spot.