5 October 2011

Rock 'n' Roll High School

I am not real keen on movies. Of all the fields of entertainment there is more crap per acre in movies than anything.

I like the Marx Brothers movies the best. A little singing, a little dancing and some jokes. That's entertainment, motherfuckers.

I like "Rock 'n' Roll High School" too. Same formula as the Marx Brothers. Singing, dancing, jokes. It was re-released last year. I bought a copy a couple weeks ago. If you do not do the same you are a fucking pinhead.

As I watched it, for the first time in something like twenty years, I could not help but notice how similar Riff Randall and I are. Not identical, you understand: her titties are way nicer than mine.


RossK said...

Mr. Hockey.

We do not often disagree on such matters.

However, I know I would like this particular flick a whole heckuva a lot more if Ms. Randall had not been played by PJ Soles.

I mean, can you imagine difference if they had been able to get someone with some real like chops like, say, the inciendiary Ms. Harry that you showcased on your pages recently for the role?

Alternatively, they could have just gone for broke and used the Germs' bassplayer, Lorna Doom, who was, allegedly, an extra on the film.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

In the extra features packaged into this most recent DVD version of the film I learned PJ Soles got the role because she volunteered to supply her own wardrobe. Everybody has what the UK Subs wrote about in a song - a "Perfect Girl." PJ is mine.

JottEff said...

Hey yah!

wayne county said...

Not enough camel toe ,but she is hot!!!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Weiner - I thought that might not be enough toe for you. That is why I next posted a picture of PJ smoking camel shit.

RossK said...


I can see that there is just no (sense in) arguing with you guys.

And, if you do need a post-Greaseian* ON John who turns out to be kinda/sorta like a more adventurous version of Anne Murray's kid sister....


I guess you could do a whole lot worse than Ms. Soles.

*Don't forget, the original working title for the movie was 'Disco High'.


Nazz Nomad said...

I heart PJ Soles- and Riff Randall- a few years ago, I saw her at a Joey Ramone tribute in NYC- she was wearing a satin hs jacket and still completely hot...