15 October 2011

Beer's Boring Speech

I do not expect to be asked to give a speech during the duration of Occupy Vancouver and doing so is not a strong suit of mine so you can count your fucking blessings. Just the same, here's my two bits worth.

I am an Anarchist. One of those people who values Freedom above all else. That does not mean I do not have other values, it just means that I think those other values are worthless in the absence of Freedom. Lucky for you I am not going to lecture you about libertarian theory and practice. I would, however, like to address my fellow Anarchists, surely the smallest group participating in this optimistic urban occupation.

I have but one thing to ask of my fellow Anarchists here today and in the future. Will you please behave yourselves? To not do so will do no favours for anybody gathered here today or their friends and families they are here representing. There was a riot in this city not too long ago that did nothing but piss people off. If you think pissing people off will advance the agenda of the 99%, you, my friends, are an asshole, not an Anarchist. It is not much to ask is it? Fucking behave yourselves.

I may be getting ahead of things a bit when I say what I have to say next but I figure now is as good of a time to say it as any. I would like to address the police, the secret police and the armed forces of this city, province and country. We want you on our side and I do not think anybody has to do a lot to convince you of that. You too are part of the 99%.

Few of us here want to be arrested, hurt or worse. We are, however, here to make a stand and we are, make no mistake about it, here to fight for a better tomorrow than the one we see coming if we do not make this stand. So if things get a little tense, for whatever reason, remember - we are not pissed off at you, we are pissed off at the 1%.


BC Mary said...




Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Cheers, Mary.

Kim said...

Thank you, that was perfectly said! The tyee is linking this post :)

befastpast said...

Interesting that The Tyee is linking to the post. I found the blogger story by Crawford Killian and, in the comments, under the name Fiat lux (I had to look it up) is an old rally racer, Ed Deak. Good artist, writer, thinker, who should be in the Canadian Motorsport Hall of Fame, but isn't. At least I got him in as a Greater Vancouver Motorsport Pioneer. Good to see his name.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Ed, a prolific internet commenter, sounds like he would be Hell of a guy to have for a neighbour.

freddy said...

These *ushers* at hockey games are a terrible trip in yer life, are they...? I didn't know they had so much power in our society, it's truly frightening to think of what the ushers might do to our country some day; if they get even more power, like to have jet bombers and such stuff, eh...?

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Freddy - on ushers, get back to me after you have read William Godwin's "Political Justice and Its Influence On Morals and Happiness" cover to cover, will you?

I like your blog, by the way, but the time to have done anything about gangs and their influence on our province's morals and happiness was about twenty years ago, at least. Nowadays, countering gangs is like countering mosquitoes in Manitoba. Keep on swatting.