15 September 2011

Twenty One

One of my cousins died.
Everybody was sad about it,
Especially her mom.

She used be a fan of drugs
You cannot grow yourself.
What people call hard drugs.

She had been clean
For a long time
But hard drugs kill

Some people
Even after they
Have stopped using.

I am not in favour of
Women using hard drugs.
Women are not cut out for that shit.

Hard drugs is a man thing.
Like hanging, frozen,
From a rope abreast a great mountain peak.

Young she was.
She had it all.
Yet she had nothing at all.


nazz nomad said...

21? Fuck. What a waste. My condolences.

The Nazz

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

All too common an occurrence. Here is the kicker: the distant arm of the family my dead cousin belonged to has not socialized with us Hockeys because they think we are too fucked up, too ready to party at the drop of the puck, yet we have had no such casualty because of our frequent overdoing of everything we can get our hands on that can be overdone.