17 September 2011


When I started writing the Dope City Free Press, nearly six years ago, I thought I might one day get to report on my experience in an earthquake. That did not work out how I thought it might. Had not considered the possibility of me experiencing an earthquake from the relative safety of a water closet.

All we have been getting around here is small earthquakes. I have felt many of them in my life. Not one of them has really been worth writing about. The next day you hear what the quake's magnitude was and you say, "I thought that was an earthquake," to yourself. Then you forget about it.

At home I am prepared for one. Then again, I am prepared for the Chinese to invade. I have everything on hand the fucking government says I should have on hand and great deal more. For instance, I have enough liquor in the house for a month, just so long as the earthquake does happen anywhere too close to Christmas.

A big earthquake while I am at work in the sawmill is whole other matter. I do not like the idea one happening while the sawmill's equipment is running. If something does not bonk me on the head I will be providing first aid to my injured fellow workers. It will not be until that is accomplished that I will be able to think of Sonja, family, friends and the Hammer.  

Fuck earthquakes.


Anonymous said...

Well, Harper wants oil and gas wells, drilled off BC's coast, imagine an earthquake then? There was a 6.1 earthquake off the Queen Charlotte's, some time back too.

The subduction plates are squishing Vancouver Island. When the plates snap, that's when the big one will happen. There have been small quakes all around the ring of fire lately. One quake, seems to set off all of them.

The earthquake in Iceland, set off the volcano.

Seems mother earth is pissed about something.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Dope City is a bad luck town. I figure we are safe until the Canucks have three games to nil advantage in the Stanley Cup Riot, are up a further three goals going into the third period and both the opposition team's goalers have been sent to hospital will be when we get the Big One.