12 August 2011

War Machine

I had not even said
To my dog
When I heard the
War Machines.

Jet fighters
Flying low
Over my raspberry paradise.

Hot dogging
For the home crowd
Before Steepleton's
Annual air show
Begins on Friday.


Each year
I fear
One or more
Of the entertaining planes
Will have a mishap.

Like I have seen on tv.

First the ejection.

Then the boom.



ib said...

This is from memory - so there is every possibility the salient facts have run together like a watercolour - but I recall an air show somewhere in England from several years back. The Red Arrows, I believe it was.

Families descended on the event from miles around. Just to watch those jets flying in formation.

I recall, too, there was an amateur parachuting event. Sky Diving, perhaps. Anyway. All the kids are there with their mums and dads. OOhing. AAhing. When one of the parachutists overshoots the landing circle (like some kind of sew-on patch of The Who from 1966, I imagine) and drops straight into the rotor blades of a hovering helicopter.

It made quite a splash.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

That is one fuck of an air show mishap.

Brushback said...

You guys are evil!