14 August 2011

Rock Creek

I drink all sorts of weird shit in the summertime. Bet you do too. You better motherfucking believe it, deep down inside we are all Charlie Sheen.

Picked up some cider on the way home last night. Not one of those yuppie ciders either. Rock Creek. A dozen.

Put ten of them in the refrigerator when I got home. Put two in the freezer. Drank a couple welfare beer while the freezer did its work.

After the beer, I put the ciders in the fridge and took the dog for her walk. No planes had crashed at the airshow yet.

I always feel like a woman when I drink cider. Not a New York Doll either. A fucking woman! Beer is a man's drink. So is whisky. Everything else is a little womanly. Or if you are feeling like or wanting to feel like you are a woman.

After the cider had did its good work I was sitting on the couch. Had my pyjama pants on. The ones with the mugs of beer printed on them.

Sex in the City was on tv. That is what us woman watch on tv on Friday nights when we are not out hunting like Elmer Fudd for Mr. Big.

Then the dog came up to me and kissed one of my nipples.

Felt kind of good. My dog knows how to kiss my nipples.


ib said...

I like cider. Mainly, mainly I used to drink it because it was cheap. Like me.

It's sort of like Bukowski with his Hemmingway disregard for those "women's cigarettes". I may have inserted the apostrophe in the wrong place here.

Well. I have smoked plenty of cigars. I have drunk plenty of whiskey.

In the end, my predisposition to filtered cigarettes and very dry wine may cause me to grow breasts; move up a cup size, at least.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

There are more forms of alcohol than any product on Earth. They all give a slightly different kind of loaded when you drink enough of them. Cider is one of the forms of alcohol that is known for sneaking up on you like a civil war.