4 July 2011

Living and Learning

Some of you, the ones who do not drink beer with me on a regular basis, might think I am joking when I say I barely know how to use a computer. If I could not spell I could not do shit. Most people my age have children to teach them how to use the fucking things. I do not have any of those - Sonja says she swallowed them all.

I have had an i-phone for half a year and I still do not know what the 'i' stands for. Last night I figured out how to send pictures from the thing to my computer at home so I can brighten up the pages of Anne Murray's favourite electronic press with them. That explains the questionable quality of the pictures of DOA in the previous edition. I took them.

Should not be long before I am publishing photos of my genitals like everybody else.

Sonja took the KISS photo. Maybe I should leave the picture taking to her.

Oh, and you guessed it, Sonja's unfavourite part of the Dope City Free Press is anything that follows the words "Sonja says."

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