5 July 2011

I Have the Disease

I took the risk, now I have the disease. The risk? Listening to classic rock radio. The disease? I have a Bryan Adams song circling my head like an out of fuel B-2. You probably have the disease yourself right now, though it may be in remission, it never is for long.

I do not even know what song it is. Adams is one of the few Canadian artists not permitted in my record collection. He is forbidden. I had his Sweeney Todd record in my pile of vinyl for a while but I had to sell it.

I forget, just now, why the motherfucker's music makes me batty. He is pretty much my age. He is managed by the same loud mouth asshole who brought me BTO and who now manages Canada's 66 year old sweetheart Anne Murray. He was in Sweeney Todd, who played one of first and best rock shows I ever attended (before he joined the band). I did not see him parading around in a fucking Canuck jersey like the HST lover premier of ours. He has raised more money for charity than any Canadian entertainer alive I bet. He even played the PNE last year. If that East End favour did not gain him a charitable listen from me nothing will.  

Much as Rockin' Ronnie Hawkins deserves the title, Bryan Adams is Canada's Elvis. It figures that my country, slower than the pull out from Afghanistan, would develop our Elvis a generation after America did.

La-la-la-la-la-la-la-get out of my head.


befastpast said...

When confronted with those fucking ear worm songs I tend to go to Fuck You by The Stiffs/Subhumans, DOA or anyone else who covered it.

Everytime I end up at C-Nile it's usually playing Pagliaro. That I can handle.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

It just so happened I picked up Stan Roger's "Fogarty's Cove" on the weekend. One spin of that cured me of Adamsitis until the next time I give Bro Jake's station a listen.

You reading my mail or what? I tuned into C-Nile briefly this past weekend as well. Dionne Warwick's best does not have the same sticky quality of the Tomahawk's greatest dishwasher.

I am not a big car guy, preferring motorcycles when it comes to objects of mechanical affection, but I sure do like your site. I will be having a better look through it later. Linked over to the GVMPS. All I can say is wow. There is a whole lot of loud oval history out there I have to catch up on.

Thanks for dropping by and commenting. "Fuck You" does have a daisy cutter effect on just about everything.