25 July 2011

Know Your Product

I buy all kinds of crap. We all do. Less often, I buy something that is not so crappy. I have two product suggestions for you. If all you buy is crap, read no further.

Product number one is the Santevia water filter. My whisky, which I prefer with a splash of cold Canadian water, has become that much more enjoyable now that I have changed to this countertop water filtration system. Took the filter out of my Brita system in the fridge and use it for keeping some cold water handy. Turns out my old Brita filtration system was a piece of crap.

Product number two is a Canadian whisky, Alberta Premium's 30 year old. Damn nice whisky for $50. Best rye whisky I have ever had. Go get some while you still can from one of the fucking government's fancy Signature stores. Motherfucking Albertans only made 700 cases.

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uniplmr1 said...

I bet I know at least as much about crap as any other married man. 5 squirt bottles,empty...chalk,...clothesline and thirty hinges of all different nationalities.