30 July 2011

Hidden Ticket

I have another blog to join forces with my list of electronic how do you dos we call Fellow Motherfuckers around here. I have been reading Suicide Blonde for quite some time. Get a bit of my graphic content there. Could be I get my celebrity lesbian rocks off there too. Found the site on Bleedin' Out, the proprietor of which is trying to get off the booze and shit by the sounds of it. We wish him well. Everybody in New Jersey has probably already drank enough for several lifetimes. Cut it out.

Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, gap toothed models, and enough movie stars with pouty looks to elect a President or two. That is what you get. Infrequently, the proprietress has been putting up roller skate photos too. I have encouraged her in this regard, of course. 

Be sure to visit her affiliate site, Pussy Le Queer, which I have mentioned before. You do not have to look at pictures of Johnny Depp there. 

Turns out she grew up in the deathly shadow of Riverview, my province's historical madhouse. Local talent. Suicide Blonde's hidden ticket to my sidebar. 


Jon said...

Actually, our friend, Nazz is on Long Island, which is a branch of New Jersey that is located in New York. It would probably be for the best if the whole state of New Jersey, including Long Island, were to sober up and go do something useful. Get a fucking hobby or something.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The good people of New Jersey/York have never found a hobby they could not turn into a vice.