23 June 2011

More Bullshit About the Riot

This rioting story sure has got some motherfucking legs on it.

On the radio today this old English yobbo phones in to say, and I will paraphrase the cunt, "We used to give it to the Arsenal and Tottenham boys pretty good just about every weekend back in the '70s but we didn't hit any grannies over the head and we didn't loot any shops."

Typical superior English bastard. We were evil but because we were English we were not exactly uncivil, just a little overly free spirited. 

We all know that in the end many people died and probably millions of people were hurt by football rioting but the phone in fucker thought last week's Canuck rioters should be fucked over forever. They should burn in Hell but the good old Westham boys were not really so bad.

Hockey is a Religion in this country. The Believers, millions of you, were whipped into an ecstatic frenzy and a few of you went truly apeshit. That much is pretty much agreed upon. If blame must be handed out here, I am blaming the whole Religion, for what happened, not just the motherfuckers who started speaking in tongues. The team, the press, the fucking politicians, the lot of them. Our Hockey Is God culture.

One more thing. For a city whose very financial lifeblood is the illegal marijuana industry, are we not getting just a little judgemental?  

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uniplmr1 said...

There would have been a riot in Boston if it went the other way, I guarantee it. The Bruins would have had to land in South Carolina and grow beards before they could have snuck back to close up their dwellings and slink away.They had a couple of little minor riots anyway just to not feel cheated and get the whole experience. Not winning game seven or The Cup sucks, but not as much as the Flyers do. You might never even read this.