27 May 2011

Wisdom, Humour and the Bright Star of Freedom

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his job depends on not understanding it. - Upton Sinclair

Used to be I would often begin filling this wee corner of our electronic planet with a line or two of wisdom I had gathered up over the years. William Godwin supplied much of that. He was the wisest man whose words I have ever come across.

What Godwin lacked was a sense of humour. The flaring of his star, brighter than just about anybody's, might have lit up his universe a little longer if he was not so damn serious. People remember and retell what they find funny to a wide variety of people. What they remember and retell that is humourless they pass on primarily to those who think like themselves and what they pass on from the serious corners of their life to those who do not think like themselves gets forgotten in a hurry.

Sinclair's above quote is both funny and serious and it applies so pertinently to my province's Liberal Party's inability to understand just how much we, the people, want to stick the HST up their ass.


istvan said...

Beer,this sounds like something you dreamt-up in the middle of the night.What were you on? And how about the robin?(whak whak).As for the HST tax I bet your locals will still vote for it(the fools).Fuck the HST and the BC lieberals.S.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The Dope City Free Press runs on what I dream up in the middle of the night the way a horse runs on hay. Oxycocdone and alcohol will do that to a man.

Our robin, alas, like me, hit his noggin on a hard surface often enough to finally go looking for a hood, er, helmet.

istvan said...

Yes those helmets.

istvan said...

Run the horse on oats man.