27 May 2011

Newfoundland, Which I Am Rather Fond Of

In my country we have something called the Knowledge Network. It is non-profit television. Like PBS on welfare. I do not know where they get their money from. They would like it if I donated them some money but I never will. That is what the racetrack is for.

Tonight I watched the first episode about a tour Scottish comedian Billy Connolly took across my fat motherfucking country's north. It first aired a couple of years ago. I am always missing shit. The show began in Nova Scotia, which I do not give a fuck about, then continued on to Newfoundland, which I am rather fond of.

Billy Connolly used to be funny. I do not know what happened. Stopped doing dope I imagine. He still has great fucking hair.

I had been to all the places Billy Connolly visited in Newfoundland. Cape Spear, Gander, St. Anthony and everything in between. It was good to see them again. I could taste the rum, smell the hash and feel the spray of the whales blowing on the sea.

Some people think Canada wrecked Newfoundland. If that is true we made a fine wreckage of the place.


Jon said...

Many of my relatives are of the opinion that Canada wrecked Newfoundland. I don't get along with my family, although I pray for them daily. If I ever get my hands on some money again I'll have to go form an opinion. I thought last year was my year to go to Newfoundland but it turned out to be year to stay home and be sick.
Keep writing Beer. The world needs you.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The rest of Canada keeps praying Newfoundlanders would stay put.