7 May 2011

An Utter Waste of My Union Dues

My union, which likes to think it is influential, sent its latest magazine issue to the house. The whole glossy thing was about the NDP and how fucking great they are. It arrived two days after the election was over. Need I comment any further?


Jon said...

You know, I still try and do things in my union. It's one flimsy barrier between me and the vicious fucks who run things, however, a few years ago I got our glossy magazine in the mail. The cover headline was "The ATU Honors Doctor Martin Luther King Jr". Underneath the headline was a picture of a Black man. Unfortunately the man in the picture was Dr. Ralph David Abernathy. Something like a third of our members are Black, when you count the Canadian members. It's probably more if you only count Americans. But, you know, they all look alike to the old idiots who run the union.
We just got a new international president. He's an angry little Irish fuck from New York. He talks a really good fight. I hope there's something to it.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

My union has roughly 225,000 members in my country. The magazine is 44 pages long. That is over 1,000,000 pages of waste. I cannot stand it.