6 May 2011

Scream Like A Roller Derby Girl

My mom just got back from Las Vegas. Bet heavy into the Canuck's game three win against the Pussies. I told her, "I'm glad someone is making money betting the play-offs this year."

Before the play-offs began all the motherfuckers I take money from betting against the Canucks year after year were looking for me. I could not duck all of them and I had to bet those of them who found me or else I would not be able to empty their wallets next year when Dope City's favourite team fails miserably like usual.

Ryan Kesler has been nothing short of amazing. The man has been playing with the determination and talent of Mark Messier. Not bad for a fucking American.

I am more concerned with figuring out who is going to win the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. I like the European horse, Master of Hounds, shipping in for the race. If he gets himself in his usual postion, within half a dozen lengths of the lead in the twenty horse field after the first half mile, he is going to make this union man scream like a roller derby girl when his nose crosses the finish line in Louisville.

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