23 April 2011

My Favourite Record Store

After the races were over we got in the car and drove to my favourite record store. Dope City has lots of record stores so my favourite one must be pretty good.

It was Record Store Day, a day I had never taken the time to observe previously.

First I looked at the new records. Then I looked at the used ones. Bought two records. Both from bands that knew a thing or two about Freedom. The oldest was The Fugs' "The Belle of Avenue A." Cuter than a tattoo on a woman's ass, they were, in 1969. Mountain's "Flowers of Evil," the second record, is just a couple years newer - 40 years old. It is just about the mintest old record I have ever bought. Later, I turned it up, loud as Leslie West in my living room. "This shit is brilliant," Sonja yelled at me. I agreed. Leslie West has always been a favourite.

On the way home we listened to the cd that Sonja bought. Led Zeppelin's double cd BBC Sessions. If you like Zep's first album the best, as I do, these cds will blow your fucking head off. Listening to it reminded me of my original attraction to heavy British rock 'n' roll. Boozy, dopey and just a little erratic. We were made for each other.

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