20 March 2011

War With Alberta

My country is now at war with two countries. A lot of things have happened in the last decade or so I never anticipated. The war in Afghanistan, which we could not have won if we sent one hundred times the troops there we did, and now the war in Libya, being just two of the bigger examples.

Yes, my country is at war with Libya. Jesus fuck. Not that there was much doubt we would lend a few pieces to the effort to destroy Libya. Lot of shit going on there. That Kadafi motherfucker has been pissing people off as long as Charles Manson. The cowboy hat shadow of Ronald Reagan is long indeed.

Canada, of course, has its own Libya within its borders. It is called Alberta. A single party state since Kadafi's own rise to power, its people are beginning to clamour for Freedom and democracy. They would also like a couple better NHL teams for their province. The government is resisting with all its strength against the demands of Freedom, democracy and hockey loving Albertans. It is time we bombed the motherfuckers into the age of Freedom and democracy.

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Jon said...

the best thing I've read on the current war. By my figuring, this makes 4 wars America is losing simultaneously. That's if you count the war on drugs. I think that one has produced the most fatalities. It's certainly gone on the longest.
We lost the war on poverty. Poverty has won.