22 March 2011

Bon Voyage

Mom had the family over on the weekend. One of her many bon voyage parties. This time my mom and Reggie are off to spend time with friends in Florence, Alabama. They are good people, small time music biz. "Billy has made a small fortune writing feel good Christian bullshit," my mom said. "Not bad for a man who'd sooner read Hustler than the Bible."

The highlight of the trip will be the Nascar race going on down there some place that is driving distance from Florence. Not my idea of fun but if you get liquored up enough just about anything can be a gas.

"And we're going fishing too!" Reggie hollered. Reggie has gotten to be such a bad actor on fishing trips no one wants to go with him any more. It is funny when you stand up to piss off the back of the boat and end up pissing on yourself. Somehow it is not as funny when you piss on other people besides yourself. I have a feeling Reggie will fit in perfect on an American fishing trip.

Mom and Reggie were two of those many babies born between the Wars. They are doing ok.

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