13 March 2011

Randy Quaid to Host Coach's Corner?

I like it when I turn on the television just in time to see Don Cherry. There was a minute and half to go in the first period when I tuned in yesterday. The less a man watches the Leafs the better.

"Don should be in his St. Patrick's Day finest," I said to Sonja.

Sonja replied without looking up from her book. "It's a good thing he dresses like a Canadian Liberace, that's entertainment, because that asshole hasn't had anything new or entertaining to say since he chickened out from giving the French a hard time for being a such bunch of god damn pussies."

Sonja and I disagree on Don. The man is a political idiot but most Canadians are. Don had some good ideas on how to make the stanchions at the ends of the benches less likely to cause injury when players crash into them. Hockey is a violent game, that's why we watch it, but it does not have to be unnecessarily so.

Cherry could not have greener. He is a good man. There has been much talk about Cherry's eventual heir. No one has asked me my opinion about Don's replacement. That is where having a blog comes in handy. In all sincerity I would like to see Randy Quaid take over. The motherfucker would be perfect.

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