12 March 2011

John Tenta Sized Earthquake

I do not watch television on workday mornings. I am already dumb enough at that hour to need television to make me any dumber. So I missed the first reports about the earthquake in Japan.

The whole sawmill was talking about what they saw on their big motherfucking televisions. The word most used to describe what they saw was simply, "Fuck."

When I got home I saw it for myself. Sure hope those nuclear reactors hold up. We are lucky to not need such power plants here. I would much sooner dam another river near Dope City like the Seymour than have one of those any closer than Hanford already is.

When I began the Dope City Free Press I thought the only really cool writing I might do here would be if we were to get our very own earthquake. I wonder if it will be anything like the movie "Earthquake" I saw many years ago in Sensurround. Luckily that chapter remains untyped.

If I was not a gambling man I would be living in Newfoundland. Not much chance of an earthquake there. I have felt several small tremors in my life and the big wave that hit us when Seattle had their earthquake a few years back.

I hope I am home if one happens, close to my baby and my dog. I would be able to help my neighbours if they have any injuries they cannot sort out themselves should the ambulance service be busy elsewhere.

An old Bakuninism fits the subject of earthquakes quite well I think. "Let us put our trust in the eternal spirit which destroys and annihilates only because it is the unsearchable and eternally creative source of all life. The urge to destroy is also a creative urge." Mother Nature - the Anarchist whore.


istvan said...

Did you just make up that last paragraph? Or is it a real quote? Wow!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Far as speech giving goes, I understand Bakunin was the Anarchist Obama.

istvan said...

Now that explanes every thing. Thanks for setting me strait Beer.

uniplmr1 said...

I watched while Mt. Saint Helens blew up. I still don't believe it didn't fuck Hanford up. Bakunin is alright.