1 March 2011

The Price of Gas

Ma has not said shit to me about the revolutions in North Africa. Like most people, she does not care for anyone from that part of the world. Let them revolt. Today she finally brought the subject up as we both warmed our bellies with the day's first cup of coffee.

"Gas almost $1.30. What you think Beer? That the fault of all those revolutions? China have no problem with revolution like that. They kill them all. Bang. Bang. Bang. Or prison. Soldier that join revolution get shot like that." She snapped her little fingers and looked at me like she would like to kill me for fun. Every once in a while Ma kind of freaks me out a little.

"That many revolutions going on at once can't help but have an effect on a lot of things, including gas prices," I answered. Price increases presently in effect have predictably magnified any possible shortages, especially in our market.

"Prices of everything going up like crazy," Ma continued. She held up a piece of bread she was going to put in the toaster, shook it a little. "Now bread like gold! Nobody want to pay but soon I charge $4.00 for toast and jam."

"It's a fucking war Ma," I said as I warmed to the subject and Ma's early morning enthusiasm. "Soldiers like us are always taking a bullet for someone with a condo in fucking Hawaii."

"Who save us? Who save us before everybody go broke? Nobody. Who my customer when gas $3? Everybody ride bike like back in China when that happen. People on bike no buy breakfast, no buy lunch. All skinny. Sick. Like mayor Gregor."

Ma would like to feed the bike riding mayor every day. A while back she confided in me that she thinks the mayor is one sexy motherfucker. I told her she should go meet him sometime. He is not just a talking head on the television. She is thinking about it. She has business. She has concerns. She wants to know what the fuck is going on in North Africa.


ron wilton said...

With a little bit of guidance and resolve, we could do unto the oil companies as they are constantly doing to us.
Just by refusing en masse to patronize one of them, say Esso, and buy our gas from all of the others, it would not take Esso long to drop their price to get business back.
Of course when Esso drops, all the others will follow as per usual (when they go up), then we all target Shell.
We keep using our pump power until we get the price down to where we decide is fair and reasonable, and we keep it there with this strategy.
We just need some sort of citizen's coalition to get it started.
A cooperative media, preferably radio, would help.
If we can get rid of Scampbell, we can do this too!

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

The boycott one big oil company at a time idea has been around a while hasn't it. Like herding cats away from one big bowl of milk to another. Back when all gas stations sold was gas and such that bit of herding might have been easier done. Now the gas station/restaurant/lottery dealer is a part of millions of people's daily routines.

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