2 March 2011

Pile of Old Records

Patronized a thrift store on the way home today. A stack of 45s caught my attention. Over a hundred of them. After I had flipped through a few of them I knew I was not going to be adding to my 45 collection today. The whole pile was disco. You know what that sucks like.

Sometimes, when somebody has given away their old disco 45s, they will have one real good record that does not fit in with the rest. Not this motherfucker. Nothing but shit.

I turned my attention to the long players. Just the usual crap and a lot of Anne Murray records. A man could build a house out of thrift store orphan Anne Murray records alone.

No good cassettes either. Or eight tracks.

On to the cds. The cd selection is usually the worst of all. Anything worth listening to gets bought pretty quick. From the cd shelves I bought something live by Elvis Presley; a German copy of something heavy from Rainbow ("Finyl Vinyl") I do not already have a record of; and the cd I put on when I got home - Sweet's Greatest Hits.

Listening to Sweet's "Teenage Rampage" reminded me of what a bunch of god damn pussies the youth of North America are. Youth decades ago and youth now. While the rest of the world tests the waters of Revolution we need no restraining whatsoever.

Fuck are we happy.

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