28 February 2011

On The Green Book

I was still little at the time of the Revolution, the Lybian Revolution. The overthrow of a King, one of humanity's most applaudable acts, makes for good newspaper reading to a little boy fascinated with the beheadings of monarchs. Just as now our senses are sharpened as we instinctively assess our susceptibility to danger in the presence of great changes across the globe, not all of them political, we do not understand real good. When history is being made it is good to oil the guns as well as the typewriter.

Kadafi, I recall, was some sort of a Commie back then. I suppose he is still one. Had a Green Book. Fucking Commies all have to have a Book they can Thump people with.

Later, I tried to read Kadafi's Green Book. I read, or tried to read, every bit of political philosophy I could find as I searched for the philosophy that I thought best suited a man like me, a man who likes to drink a lot and yell at the television set during hockey games. Kadafi's Book, like so many, was good for laughs and little else.

Our Great Leaders are putting on a brave face. Yay for democracy and all that bullshit. What is going on behind closed doors, as Charlie Rich once sang, must be another thing as the West's political, military, intelligence and diplomatic communities try and get a grip on just what the fuck is going on.

Our demographics do not suit the likelihood of people taking to the streets and shutting down our nation until our demands for overthrow are met but it must sure make some people, the motherfuckers who have collected obscene riches and their sycophants, uncomfortable watching people just like them being forced into exile, or worse, having their assets froze, on a planet that is looking more and more like a KISS show in 1975.

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