26 February 2011

Canada Welcomes Randy and Evi Quaid

When Randy and Evi Quaid decided to try and become Canadian the Dope City Free Press was quick to come to their support. Bev Davies, her heart, as ever, in the right place, was the only non-accredited photographer to document the arrival of two of this great motherfucking country's newest citizens-to-be. Do not often get to be on right side of history.

Welcome to Canada Randy and Evi. Make yourself at home. You both ought get to playing hockey right away, getting out to games. A new life in a new town, the biggest town of all, Canada. What a blind gamble life is, to bring you a northern destiny!


Jon said...

Prepare for a flood of refugees.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Turns out Evi's dad is Canadian, therefore she is too and Randy will be one of us soon enough.

Nazz Nomad said...

Randy Quaid destroyed the motherfucking aliens almost single-handledly in Independence Day. It is to America's great shame that we have persecuted him.