27 January 2011

Walk of Life

Three retarded guys and their two minders approached the Hammer and I as we made our way along the wet river path. We have seen them there before. The three retarded guys must be about my age; their minders a generation younger. The retarded guys make a lot of noise but no words, like pissed off sea lions. The young guys were drinking coffee, same as always.

You would think my dog would be afraid of the noisy retarded guys but she is not. She approaches them same as she does everybody else, hoping to be petted, hoping to get her ears scratched. Makes me wonder if we are all just a bunch of retarded sea lions barking nonsense while thinking we are so fucking smart.

Sometimes having a dog sets off your philosophical side. It is not what is in your mind that is important any how I told myself. It is what is in your heart.
I recalled the words of Lou Reed, the street wisdom of my youth. "I guess that I'm dumb/'Cause I know that I ain't smart/But deep down inside/I got a rock 'n' roll heart."

Some people think the best thing about having a dog is that it gets your ass off the couch and out into the world a little more often than might otherwise be the case. I think the best thing about having a dog is the perspective they give you on life; the way they sometimes set you philosophising.

As we passed the five gentlemen I said, "What a great fucking day." It was sunny. The minders agreed. It was a great fucking day. The retarded guys looked through me and past me, like I was not there.

I am pretty sure I was there but you never know. I have had enough near death experiences to concede it might all just be a dream. A dream with a lot of beer in it.


uniplmr1 said...

The dogs are always right, that's a good thing about them.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Cleveland rocks.

RossK said...

They looked right through you.


Did they do do the same with....

The Hammer?

And while I fully agree with uniplmr1, I would go one further and suggest that what is a really good thing about dogs is that they don't care that they are always right.


Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Surprisingly, they looked through the Hammer too. So far gone I could not have guessed what caused them be how they are. It is good the old guys get taken out. If I were to lose my mind I would like that too.

RossK said...

Everybody likes to be taken out.

Regardless, I think.