28 January 2011

Fear On the Streets

Then the child moved
Ten times 'round the seasons
Skated over ten
Clear frozen streams

Words like, "When you're older,"
Must appease him
And promises of someday
Make his dreams

-Joni Mitchell, Circle Game

So here we are, smack motherfucking dab, in the age of information.  Need to know something? It is all right here at our sticky fingertips and it just so happens there is Revolution in the air. Tunisia, Yemen, Egypt - why do Revolutions always seem to happen in countries we do not give a fuck about? - all exploding or ready to. You can watch them raising shit on your television but we sure are not being told much about what the fuck is really going on.

I, cynical motherfucker, would like to know what is really going on but is there any information to be found about the motives of the Revolutionaries and likelihood of Freedom blowing in the wind? Until I hear there are good people behind the shit hitting the fan I remain, as ever, one skeptical motherfucker.

I am supposed to be excited about these developments overseas. Even my dishrag Prime Minister is almost visibly excited about the streets filling with cries for Democracy as he prepares to suck the free trade dick of the King of Morocco. I would like to be but my guess is that yet another coalition of greedy religious screwheads, likely covertly supported by foreign powers and their usual hatred of Freedom, are behind the scenes ready to use the Revolutions for their own corrupt, ever more authouritarian purposes, not the people's.


ron wilton said...

You certainly have your way with words.
I think the reason the mothertruckers keep showing us guys getting their brains bashed in over there, is to make us think twice about us going after the sunsuvbitches running the dog shows over here.

uniplmr1 said...

It's good to see a bunch of people without a leader burning shit and beating on cops sent to beat on them. The more it happens, the more I like it.
Go Go Cairo.