12 January 2011


This is no time for private vendettas
This is no time to not know who you are
Self knowledge is a dangerous thing
The freedom of who you are

Lou Reed - There is No Time

Canada, my XXL country, has its problems. Same goes for my province. Same goes for Dope City. Problems. It was not a Canadian who addressed problems best, it was Johnny Rotten who did that thirty-five years ago - "You got a problem? The problem is you!"

We all like to blame other people for our problems. Me too. Like most people I like to blame the fucking government. I am nearly always right to do so but I know the government only causes problems because I let it and I have lots of help letting the fucking government fuck shit up. I am not Guy Fawkes, sneaking beneath Parliament with his explosives. Neither are you. Why blow up the world when global warming, the slowest moving Anarchist of them all, is smouldering beneath every house of fucking government on the planet?

Which brings me to America and its problems. I am not that loon motherfucker in Tucson either. Sounds like he may have been a loon fascist like Sarah Palin and her scum of the earth Hitler was right followers. I have heard, for over two years now, that the incendiary rhetoric of the loudmouth motherfuckers of America who sure do wish their country had not elected a nigger communist queer lover President would one day lead to assassinations or worse in the revolutionary land just a few miles south of where I live. You wanted blood Ms. Palin? Look down. It is splattered on your shiny shoes.

Looks to me like it is high time anti-fascism got itself organized. We have lost a lot of Freedom over the past several decades but we have not yet lost the Freedom to Organize. Use it or lose it, motherfuckers.


Jon said...

I swear, I had lunch Saturday with a couple guys and we all agreed we'd do something about it. Actually, much of the discussion was given over to each man's theory as to why nobody was doing anything. Personally, I think we've turned into a nation of cowardly punks ruled by vampires. But that's just me.

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Bloodsuckers who are becoming increasingly desperate for nourishment now that they have sucked just about all our veins dusty.