7 January 2011

An Endorsement of Dana Larsen

(For those of you outside of earshot of Dope City, a long time legalization activist and former leader of my province's very own Marijuana Party has announced his intention to seek the leadership of our provincial sort-of-socialist party, the NDP.)

Dana Larsen has put a big smile on the face of the Dope City Free Press with his leadership bid for the NDP and the smile got a whole lot bigger when he was endorsed by a man's man, a man who needs no introduction, who ought to be representing us in the Senate of our great fat land, Tommy Chong.

The democratic apparatus of our century is a clumsy, poorly maintained and rarely used mechanism. It takes tremendous dexterity and invention to make it work for the people. If it is not about winning, in the short term at least, Dana Larsen looks like he is dexterous and inventive enough to drive the broken down farm tractor we call Democracy.

Fuck it, I might as well just say it. The Dope City Free Press endorses the candidacy of Dana Larsen. Keep it between the ditches, motherfucker.

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